"The first rule of creative work: expect to be rejected…No matter what you do, if you’re making something, many people won’t like it. The only approval you need to create something is your own."

Scott Berkun on what to do if the world hates your idea


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this is where i am right now.

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in wanderlust - any fav travel blog/instagrams? plz drop a line!

this is one of our favorites: travel noire!



photos from claudia jaguaribe’s “between hills" (2012) of the have and have nots in rio de janeiro, as seen from the (no doubt intentionally claustrophoic) perspective of children in the favelas


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:::love rain x mzmd.vsco.co | @ekushhhh

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//university of washington’s African Students Association :: 12th annual afro caribbean night featuring [[E T H I O P I A]] ~ eleelelele

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